FORGOTTEN GOD: -Wk 2-Spirit Driven Life+Power+Prayer”Spirit Driven Life: ‘Hi, my name is ______.'”

FORGOTTEN GOD: Spirit Driven Life+Power+Prayer
“Spirit Driven Life: ‘Hi, my name is ______.'”

“Hi, my name is _________.”

Believe it or not, one simple introduction can start a life changing relationship. It may not be as strange as you think that God is getting your attention everyday by whispering into your soul, “Hi, my name is Holy Spirit.”  If you really believed that the Holy Spirit was a person and not an “it” or “the,” what would be your followup conversation look like? What would you ask Him? What could your life look like every moment of every day? Is the Holy Spirit a mystery or the missing piece in your relationship with God and Jesus? #ForgottenGodSeries

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