Multiply: -Wk1- “Know ‘em, Hold ‘em, Hundred Fold ‘em” 

Sermon: “Know ‘em, Hold ‘em, Hundred Fold ‘em”
Date: November 18, 2018
Scripture: Leviticus 26:7-9
Speaker: Donne Hinshaw

God’s story is a story of multiplication. From the creation story in Genesis all the way to the birth, life, and death of Christ, God always multiplies what He created with His hands. We too have the opportunity to make history by multiplying what is in our hands. Join us for our final series of talks of 2018 as we pray, listen, and believe in God’s power to multiply our story for His glory.

Good news travels quickly. In fact, good news has a habit of duplicating and multiplying. Sunday starts a new series of messages called Multiply.  We are asking this question: what would happen if we stopped, prayed, and listened to where God wants to bring good news in our personal lives and in the homes of our neighborhood?  Pray. Listen. Multiply. #MultiplySeries

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