Stress[Less]: -Wk 4- Discovering and overcoming the root of stress

Series: Stress[Less]: Discovering and overcoming the root of stress
Sermon: “Out:Sourcing Stress and In:Sourcing Peace”
Date: September 30
Scripture: Philippians 4:6-8
Speaker: Donnie Hinshaw
You can put into practice everything we have talked about so far to help you navigate and overcome fear, worry, stress, and anxiety. But what do you do when some of the best advice still seems inadequate to battling your stress? What if a large part of our stuggles with emotional health stem from the source and repetition of the information pouring into your life? Has the rise of information, media, and 24/7 communication made it easier to be at peace, or more difficult? We think peace is possible. Join us to discover how.
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