The Origin of Family: -Wk 1-This is not a series, it’s a love story with purpose

Series: “The Origin of Family: This is not a series, it’s a love story with purpose”
Sermon: “The Love It Like It Family”
Date: October 14, 2018
Scripture: Romans 8:14-16
Speaker: Donne Hinshaw
American television has shaped our perception of family through the lens of the Brady’s, Waltons, Ozzie and Harriet, Ingalls, Cosby’s, Keaton’s, and Cunningham’s. Even after  all the re-runs of Full House and Family Matters, we still long for a family that loves deeply even when the script of life has unexpected turns. In this brand new teaching series, we will discover how God wants to reclaim and reframe our modern families into one spiritual family with purpose. Family is more than a sitcom, it’s a love story with purpose.

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