Youth Group on Zoom

Yes, we still meet. It may look a little different these days but we still connect online together.

  • Who: students grade 6-12th
  • When: Wednesday night at 6:30
  • How: We do this using Zoom meetings
  • What to expect: During the zoom meeting we play games, Laugh, Have a Discussion and break into small groups to connect and listen to what God may be teaching us.

Questions: feel free to email or text

Youth Pastor Jacob Stooke




Hey Parents!

As you may know, we are transitioning to meeting online with students. We are going to do this using Zoom meetings. I want to give you a brief introduction into setting up an account for your student

Zoom Meetings:

This is where we will meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 with students. As the host, I (Youth Pastor Jacob Stooke) will have full access to mute students’ video or audio, allow students to join the group, and the group will end when I exit the meeting. It is a safe way for our group to meet and allows us to continue to build our community.

To Join on Phone:

  • Follow the link sent out via our mass text that says, “Join Meeting.”
  • The link will prompt you to download Zoom. You do not need an account to join. There will be a prompt to put your name in once the meeting starts.
  • Once downloaded, click the “Join Meeting” button and enter in our meeting ID found in the mass text, OR, re-click the link sent out via mass text, then click “Join Meeting.”
  • This will lead you to the video meeting.

To Join on Computer:

  • Follow the link sent out via our email “Join Meeting.”
  • A tab will open up and a download will start for the Zoom program.
  • Once downloaded, a screen will pop up to prompt you to allow video and audio. Click “allow.”
  • This will lead you to the meeting



  • All downloads are free, and you do not need to make an account if you do not want to. All you need is the link for the meeting.
  • Please make sure you are able to use the audio on your device.
  • You may need to manual give the app permission in your phone settings.

Youth Group at NFC

Neighborhood Friends Church has a thriving youth group where students in jr. high through high school gather weekly for fellowship and to explore God’s word in a fun environment. Students in our youth group program build strong relationships with each other and learn Christian values through playing games, sharing their experiences, and studying God’s word.

A point of emphasis in our youth program is to make disciples of our students and equip them with the leadership skills to make disciples of their own and be leaders in their community, schools, and ministries. Through our youth group program students will build relationships that will last a lifetime and our goal is to prepare them for the critical teenage to young adult ages to come.

Students do not have to attend our church to be involved in our youth group program. All are welcome and enrollment is free. There is no enrollment or registration. All students Jr. High through High School are welcome at the youth room at NFC from 6:30pm to 8:30pm every Wednesday. If you have any additional questions please contact our youth pastor Jacob Stooke.

We want YOU to join us! Join us this Wednesday: where crazy and fun meet, depth is developed, and relationships are created to last a lifetime.

Jake and Kendra Stooke

Our Youth Pastor Jacob Stooke

Our youth pastor, Jacob, and his wife Kendra have a deep passion for the Lord and seeing his love spread to all people, especially students.  They live in Arvada with their two life-filled sons Huckleberry and Sawyer.  Jacob and Kendra work together as a team to make sure that every student that walks in the door knows that they matter to God and that they belong to a family much bigger than they ever knew.

A key emphasis in Jacob and Kendra’s ministry is empowering students to become leaders. Jacob and Kendra live out the example of leadership and encourage students to step up and do the same.  Instead of giving them all the answers, Jacob, Kendra, and the leadership team walk beside them while they seek out answers together.

Over the years, Jacob and Kendra have established many relationships with students that reach well beyond their high school years.  While their emphasis is on current students, they make themselves available to continue to walk with past students in the journey of their faith.