Arvada Youth Group Church
Arvada Youth Group Church

Youth Group at NFC

Neighborhood Friends Church has a thriving youth group where students in jr. high through high school gather weekly for fellowship and to explore God’s word in a fun environment. Students in our youth group program build strong relationships with each other and learn Christian values through playing games, sharing their experiences, and studying God’s word.

A point of emphasis in our youth program is to make disciples of our students and equip them with the leadership skills to make disciples of their own and be leaders in their community, schools, and ministries. Through our youth group program students will build relationships that will last a lifetime and our goal is to prepare them for the critical teenage to young adult ages to come.

Students do not have to attend our church to be involved in our youth group program. All are welcome and enrollment is free. There is no enrollment or registration. All students Jr. High through High School are welcome at the youth room at NFC from 6:30pm to 8:30pm every Wednesday. If you have any additional questions please contact our youth pastor Jacob Stooke.

We want YOU to join us! Join us this Wednesday: where crazy and fun meet, depth is developed, and relationships are created to last a lifetime.

Youth Group Activities

Wednesday Youth Group Gathering

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Every Wednesday, we gather at our church and explore God’s word. The format varies from week to week, but the one common theme is FUN! Using games, testimony, lessons, small group time, and fellowship we build relationships amongst students and strengthen student’s relationship with the Lord through a better understanding of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday Youth Group

Missions & Outreach

Our youth group is involved in various mission outreach efforts both locally in our Arvada community and abroad in other states and cities. Students are involved in improving community development or serving a specific need in the community. Through these outreach efforts student develop a serving heart and experience true discipleship in answer to the Lord’s great commission. 

Monthly Worship Night

One Wednesday every month our youth group gathers for a worship night. During worship night students gather to sing songs and share their experiences as they grow in their faith. Worship night is a great opportunity for students worship God and become comfortable sharing their faith and hardships amongst one another in an effort to grow in their faith.

Fall Retreat

Each Fall, our students go on a retreat where they have the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Fall is a great time for student reset and refocus after a busy Summer. Often times our retreat is held at Quaker Ridge Camp in Woodland Park, but the location varies.

During our retreat, we spend time in God’s word, worship through music & praise, partake in team building activities, and hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Food and transportation is provided for students.

FX Camp

FX Camp is an annual event held at Quaker Ridge where all members from Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting (RMYM) join together for summer camp. The event lasts a week and students partake in various activities such as ropes courses, horseback riding, and hiking as well as many other fun activities. 

At FX Camp there are featured speakers that guide students through lessons. There is also worship in song and praise.

Vedauwoo Camping Trip

Each Summer our youth group spends a weekend in Vedauwoo, WY for a camping trip. Time is spent gathered around the campfire having conversations, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, star gazing, and enjoying nature. Vedauwoo is an amazing destination that encourages our recognition of the beauty in God’s creation. 

In the mornings, we will read a devotional and students are sent off on their own to sit in nature to have an experience with God. We then go on hikes and have fun exploring our beautiful surroundings. Typically, we will invite a guest to give a campfire testimony or lesson to our students.

Jake and Kendra Stooke

Our Youth Pastor Jacob Stooke

Our youth pastor, Jacob, and his wife Kendra have a deep passion for the Lord and seeing his love spread to all people, especially students.  They live in Arvada with their two life-filled sons Huckleberry and Sawyer.  Jacob and Kendra work together as a team to make sure that every student that walks in the door knows that they matter to God and that they belong to a family much bigger than they ever knew.   

A key emphasis in Jacob and Kendra’s ministry is empowering students to become leaders. Jacob and Kendra live out the example of leadership and encourage students to step up and do the same.  Instead of giving them all the answers, Jacob, Kendra, and the leadership team walk beside them while they seek out answers together. 

Over the years, Jacob and Kendra have established many relationships with students that reach well beyond their high school years.  While their emphasis is on current students, they make themselves available to continue to walk with past students in the journey of their faith.